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On Wings Of The Morning – By Dan Verneer

Dan Verner

Dan Verner’s novel, On Wings Of The Morning, is an exciting tale of a young boy who dreams of becoming a pilot and the epic adventure of that dream becoming a reality.  Otto will get his dream of becoming a pilot in unusual circumstances for a young boy from Wisconsin. This tale goes on to tell of Otto in WW II as a pilot with many successful missions. This wonderfully written book is full of twists and turns; with a lot of adventure and a pinch of romance for good measure. I found it to be an enlightening and captivating read about WWII. I confess generally I steer away from any sort of military tale.  I found this story captivating as I could see the story unfolding like a movie in my minds eye. Verner beckons the reader back to the era of the Greatest Generation and invites you to experience that time through his tale of Otto and his crew. This tale of tragedy and humanness is very believable and that is part of the magic of this well written book. Verner’s book helps us several generations younger to see the courage of their time and recognize why they are, the Greatest Generation.


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