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I had my first transcontinental adventure when I was six months old. Sometime on that flight from the US to Africa the travel bug bit.  I have never gotten over that initial bite. I continue to  be drawn to travel in all forms. I love experiencing the people in all cultures in any manner of places. The smells of foreign spices, the taste of unfamiliar foods, and the laughter around the world are just part of what draws me to travel. I feel very blessed to live in a country that enables me to experience the world right here at home too.

There are so many wonderful places in this country, the good ole United States of America. Here I too experience God’s wonder on this planet called earth. I was amazed in Yellowstone by how much it looked like what I imagined the surface of another planet. Driving up the steep Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the Eagles Nest I felt like I was entering a painting. Hiking in the bad lands of North and South Dakota I discovered how different the two areas were.

Don’t get me wrong, my travel adventures continue to explore the world. From the beautiful ocean in the Caribbean, to breath taking mountain vistas in the Alps I am amazed at the wonder of our planet. We have so much to enjoy and I continue to be in awe examining the simple question, “God how did you think of that one?” I recently wondered just how many shades of green there are while traveling in Ireland.

I like to read about travel. For me the anticipation and research to plan a trip is all part of the adventure. This blog helps me continue the adventure and “unpack” all I have seen. I hope you enjoy the trip here!

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