Kilkenny, Ireland

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Maeve and Joe our hosts at Jerpoint.                                                          Cap herding the Geese.

Jerpoint Park was a wonderful experience!  Joe and Maeve O’Connell are the proprietors of Jerpoint Park and have a true gift of hospitality.   We watched a sheep dog demonstration that was truly amazing!  Watching Cap, a highly trained Boarder Collie, is not to be missed.  He moves the herd of Geese on command of his master, Joe O’Connell.  The command, “come by” is spoke softly by Joe and Cap responds moving the Geese to the Left.  When asked if Cap could hear him that far away Joe replied, “He always hears me but he may not always head me.”  Cap can hear a mile away.
After the sheepdog demonstration it was down the hill and through the kissing gate for the Heritage Tour.  We were able to visit the Lost Town of Newtown a 12th Century town reputed to have 14 taverns.  You feel like you are going back in time to a medieval town which mysteriously disappeared from history.  Walk to the Hunt’s cemetery and see the tomb where St Nicholas is buried.
Then it is off to the Belmore house, home of the Joe and Maeve O’Connell for some of the best homemade scones and tea, or coffee, in Ireland!  The Tea Rooms are open daily and Maeve and Joe grace the experience opening their home and their hearts to their guests.  I really felt like family there!  What a treat and the homemade raspberry jam were wonderful.  The ambiance of the Tea Room was divine.  You can gaze out the window at the beautiful vistas while relaxing with great conversation.  You will come away from Jerpoint with Maeve and Joe as your friends!  You can find more information at the Jerpoint park Website


Kilkenny, Ireland is home to Kilkenny Castle home of the Butler family. This castle has been restored and is open for tours for a nominal fee. Beware that the castle closes at 4:30PM and you will want to allow about two hours for a proper experience. You are able to walk around at your own pace and there is staff in the various rooms to tell you the history of that room and answer your particular questions. You can find more information on the Kilkenny Castle website

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