Dunbrody Famine Ship


Dunbrody Famine Ship
If you are a history buff the Dunbrody tour is a must!  The reconstructed Dunbrody Famine Ship is open to tours and is quite fascinating.  The ship is in the water and gives you the feel of how the passengers lived with the cramped conditions.  The highlight of the tour is when Mrs. Annie White, a steerage passenger, and Mrs. Mary O’Brien, first class passenger, join your group to share their stories of passage to America.  These actresses did a wonderful historical interpretation performance of life aboard the Dunbrody.  Even on a rainy day, this is Ireland afterall, it was a wonderful tour!

Dunbrody Famine Ship is a three masted ship originally built in Quebec in 1845 for the Graves family by Thomas Hamilton Oliver, an Irish emigrant from the County Derry.
The Graves family, of New Ross, were merchants and they commissioned eight
such ships to carry cargo from America and Canada to Ireland.  The ship was fitted out with bunks and facilities for passengers desperate to escape Ireland during the Potato Famine.  Usually the Dunbrody carried 176 people but in the height of the Famine in 1847 the passengers climbed to 318 in number.  The tour guide gives an explanation of the times, the ship and the Potato Famine.   For more information about the Dunbrody tours

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