The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman


The Dovekeepers is a wonderful novel by Alice Hoffman. Having been to Masada in Israel and seeing the dovecotes first hand reading this tale of fact and fiction was wonderful.  Hoffman’s book tells the story of four women that came to Masada and work in the dovecotes. This books tells of life in about 70 A.D. when nine hundred Jews held out for months on Masada against the Roman army. There are many interesting historical facts interspersed in an easy to read story that engages the reader in the time period. I loved how she describes the area and the culture of the day. This is a must read if you are interested in what I call historical fiction, real facts and history of an era told through fictional characters. It is a wonderful telling of some of the history of Israel.  Hoffman also helps the reader understand the interrelationship between the doves and the people of Masada, this bodes to the interconnected relationship of humans and animals. I really enjoyed this book.

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  1. Sounds good!

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