If I hear “Thought Leader” one more time! by Guest Blogger Cindy Brookshire


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If I hear ‘thought leader’ one more time

Growing up, I knew I could provoke my brother with two simple words from a Three Stooges skit: “Niagara Falls.”

If you’re familiar with the skit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yJBhzMWJCc), then you know, before the words left my lips, he was chasing me, and I was squealing for help.

This two-word trigger hits me every time I hear the phrase “thought leader.”

Admit it: it’s an overused flashpoint these days. I went to three meetings this week – one with a client, one with entrepreneurs and one with small business owners.  I was ready to shout “Niagara Falls!” if I heard it one more time.

I get it, the phrase is the Twix and Twizzlers of marketing strategy:  See me, eat me. Think it, click it. Brand it, buy it.  But I don’t want to. The best thing for my local economy is NOT to click on Amazon.com or succumb to big box brainwashing.

Like this Saturday, March 15 from 10 am to 2 pm, Zach Tamer, a local author, is signing his children’s book, “The Story of the Snugglefink” at Grounds Central Station on Main Street in Old Town Manassas. I can buy the book right Zach, and he’ll sign it. How great is that? If I’m a school teacher, Zach might even come talk to my class about writing and publishing.

As a writer I need to be aware that when I interview someone, they might be “thought leadering” me. And I have a responsibility to get past that. I’m not going to write what they want me to write. I’m going to think my own thoughts.

Next time you hear “thought leader,” remember how Moe, Larry and Curly pulled off that classic vaudeville skit. Think “Niagara Falls.” Then think your own thoughts.

 Cindy Brookshire blogs at www.cookies4nataka.wordpress.com.

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2 thoughts on “If I hear “Thought Leader” one more time! by Guest Blogger Cindy Brookshire

  1. staciakelly

    I have a few of those kinds of phrases that can send me into a full on twitch. I do love being able to meet our authors, ask them questions and get to know them as people, outside the stories they tell in their books. Great point!

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