“15 Miles” by Rob Scott

On a recent trip to Maine I decided to take along the book “15 Miles” by Rob Scott. It was an interesting summer vacation read to say the least. Generally, on vacation I stick with some light historical romance. This book is as far from my norm as I could have imagined. It is a plot twisting tale of a double murder 15 miles from Richmond, Virginia. The Virginia State Police Detective, Samuel (Sailor) Doyle, is quite a character. He is rough and rugged and this is his first homicide investigation as lead detective. This homicide is anything but “cut and dry.” Every time I thought I had it figured out there was a plot twist. Another gruesome detail, a drug induced hallucination or a new detail about the victims. Carl Bruckner, was a decorated Marine, lost his leg in Vietnam. Carl and his wife Claire Bruckner have been found murdered at their family farm.
Did I mention the lead detective, Sailor, has a drug and alcohol problem? As if that is not bad enough he has a wife and a mistress to juggle with the murder investigation. Rob Scott is able to weave a story that keeps the pages turning with a mystery that will keep you guessing. Scott grew up hearing tales of gruesome murder from his dad, a New Jersey homicide detective. Scott must have listened well to these stories as he wove this gruesome, murderous tale expertly. One thing is for sure you will never know what is next in this crime thriller.

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