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Le Food! Le Gastronomy!

Don’t miss cafe’ in your area of Paris. If you do not fancy the first one walk half a block ad there will be another one! Although I will say I have not had a bad dining experience in Paris yet. Enjoy a taste of heaven and have a pastry. There is noting quite like the flaky delicious taste of a croissant from a patisserie. There are so many fabulous choices for your taste buds to experience at the Patisseries!

The service in Paris is impeccable, for one thing it is a profession and you will be served by staff that takes great pride in their work serving you. It is not the custom in France to tip. That said occasionally I would leave a tip for excellent service. There is a lesson in watching that service to others!

Paris has dozens of markets that are very popular with the Parisians. You can find fresh bread, fruits, meats and cheeses all reasonable priced and fresh. We cooked in several times and found the products excellent! Made such friends with the local grocer that he now says, “See you tomorrow!”

Street food is also delicious, a street crepe is a must. I really loved the Nutella and banana one (my first time having Nutella where has it been hiding?) They also have some with egg, cheese and ham that make a wonderful breakfast.

While visiting a museum (Musée’) it is wonderful to enjoy their cafe’ as well. I made some new friends at the Musse d’ Orsay over a cup of café creme (coffee with steamed milk) and a pastry.



This was by far the best service of my life! It was so good I asked him if I could take his photo! My friend said, “Never eat I a place that is not busy”, and he was right! This waiter had 60 patrons in the outside section at 30 tables. His service was impeccable, food was delivered promptly, orders were delivered to the correct person, refills were provided without having to ask and he was amazing to watch! A true professional!  He never wrote anything down! He gets my first ever ********** that’s right 10 stars!

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