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Biking at Rehoboth, Delaware

Early Morning Biking

Early Morning Biking

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to the beach. While I love sitting in my comfy beach-chair with a good beach read, I love to bike as well. Why do I love biking at the beach in particular?

I am a leisure biker and am working on getting in a better state of fitness. That said, the beach becomes a favorite simply because it is mostly flat and beautiful! There are many parks and scenic places to bike in the beach area. However, many beach towns are very bike friendly, as is the case with Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

I have friends that can bike from Lewes to Rehoboth and on to Dewey in Delaware. I can bike from Rehoboth to Dewey very easily, although there is often traffic to deal with most of the way their are designated bike lanes. I recommend using the bike lanes when ever you see them. I enjoy biking in the parks and around Lewes as well.

I also wear a helmet when ever and where ever I bike. I am a nurse and have seen the results of not wearing a helmet – enough said – wear a helmet! You also need to remember to follow the same rules you would if you were driving a car when you are riding your bike in traffic. Remember, car drivers are at the beach and easily distracted driving in unfamiliar surroundings. Therefore, stay alert to cars!

There are some beautiful nature areas to bike near Rehoboth. One of my personal favorites is Cape Henlopen State Park. There are well maintained bike trails and the scenery is fantastic! I hope this will inspire you to take your bike to the beach next summer!

Cape Henlopen State Park

Cape Henlopen State Park

View from the bike!

View from the bike!

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The Great Dismal Swamp

On a recent trip to Virginia Beach, Virginia I was looking for someplace to go for a bike ride. Of course I goggled parks and came up with the Great Dismal Swamp.  So I asked my friend, “How about a bike rDSCN4308ide in the Great Dismal Swamp?”

Oh the reaction, “DISMAL swamp, why would  I want to go to the DISMAL swamp?” To wit I replied, “It is the GREAT dismal SWAMP you are focusing on dismal, focus on GREAT SWAMP. It will be GREAT!”

So we decided to load up and tackle a ride in the Great Dismal Swamp! I have been to First Landing State Park (formerly called Seashore State Park, more on this one in an upcoming post) and so I knew a little about what to expect. I anticipated murky water, mystery and if we were luck unusual wild life.DSCN4344

I was not disappointed. It was as if we biked into another planet. The landscape quickly changed from the gravel parking lot to murky water tree filled expanses. The reflections of the trees in the water was stunning. The forest, thick in some areas, suddenly opened up into water filled areas.

DSCN4333The bike path appeared to be a berm of packed dirt topped with some gravel and grass that had been trucked in. I later learned from my Dad, who grew up in the area, that when he was a teen the Dismal Swamp was off-limits for the most part except some small areas for Scout Troops to visit and camp. They were only able to go on guided tours as there were no roads. He told me a friend of his father had gotten lost and they searched for him for a week before they found him. Thankfully, he was fine as he was a very experienced outdoors man.

Today, the Dismal Swamp has many bike paths, boardwalks and roads all with scenic views of the swamp. There are some areas after heavy rains that can become a bit muddy. They had such a rain two days before our arrival and we were able to bike six miles into the swamp before we were stopped by too much mud. DSCN4452

I was also not disappointed in the wild-life. We saw some unusual birds, I especially liked the blue heron.  I was able to capture photos of several turtle families sunning on logs. We did see one snake while biking, it was as stunned seeing us as we were it and it squirmed away before I could get a photo. I never felt threatened by it.


As always in the woods there are beautiful plants, unbelievable ferns, some wild flowers and unusual trees. There are many wonderful sights to see. HDSCN4358owever, if you are like me you do need to be vigilant to watching for Poison Ivy. For those who do not know what it looks like I took the photo that shows not only the leaves of three but also the hairy vine. The plant can grow in small plants which can be seen growing along the ground; I learned the rhyme “leaves of three leave it be.” For the vine type of poison ivy in the photo I learned, “Hairy vine no friend of mine.” I am highly allergic to poison ivy so I have learned to spot it at a distance in all forms, both plant and vine.

At the end of our bike ride we decided to take one of the roads back to Lake Drummond. This is a 3,100 acre lake with an average dept of 3 feet located in the Dismal Swamp. This was where we saw a large Blue HDSCN4420eron.

All in all we had a great day and a great adventure at the Great Dismal Swamp. It is a unique ecosystem that is located on the Virginia North-Carolina border. We entered in Suffolk Virginia and totally enjoyed our visit. If you are in the area I highly recommenced it!


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Take a Seat by Dominic Gill

Take-a-seat2                               Take a Seat

Take a Seat by Dominic Gill is a fascinating autobiographical story about biking from Alaska to Argentina on a tandem bike. I am an avid bike rider but more to the 10 to 25 miles at a time (not the 20,000 mile journey. Gill decided to use a tandem bike as a way to meet people along the journey. Dominic is an excellent writer and you can live this adventure vicariously by reading his book – I did! At times I felt like I was a stoker riding on the back of his tandem. He tells of the interesting people he meets along the way as well as the hardships he endured. I found this a fascinating read as well as an inspiring adventure book! Enjoy!

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