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Snow Angels and a Blessing?


My Snow Angels Hope and Millie

Remember, when you were young and it snowed? Remember, when  you could not wait to go outside to play in the snow? Recall, you and your friends and siblings would gather to make snowmen, have a snowball fight and make snow angels? That was my childhood idea of great fun in the snow.

Today I discovered the new definition of “Snow Angels” and an even better feeling in the snow. We had nine inches of snow overnight and as a home health nurse I had patients that had to be seen. I had bundled up to go outside and dig out my car to go to work. I walked out the front door to discover two of my dear neighbors had already shoveled the sidewalk in front of my house, the walk to my house and they were working on digging out my car! I felt so blessed by these two angels!

I had hurt my back helping my sister move a couple of weeks ago and it was finally feeling better. So, I was not looking forward to heaving a shovel full of snow.  My dear sweet neighbors reminded me what it feels like when someone gives you a blessing! It was such a wonderful exhilarating feeling! It took all the drudge out of work today. I was able to tell all my patients about the blessing I had received.

I frequently tell my patients to let their friends help them after surgery. I tell them if they do not allow someone to help them they are robbing that person of a blessing. I believe we are blessed when we help others. In helping others we feel good about ourselves. The hard part for many is in being the recipient of the blessing. I know it was a huge blessing to me today this small act of snow removal. Both Hope and Mollie were so kind hearted and they both had big smiles at having helped me. Hope said, “I do not want you to hurt your back and not be able to see those sick patients.” I felt blessed all day, I pray that Hope and Millie felt blessed all day for having helped me.

So remember, some times we are blessed and sometimes we are to be a blessing to others! Now go and bless someone in some small way!

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