The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson


The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson was a wonderful novel that has been awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. From the first word on the book jacket I was engrossed I this amazing novel. It gives a glimpse into life in North Korea. There are plot twist ad turns that I refuse to in anyway spoil for the reader. I am not generally a fan of historical works, so the idea of a novel that allows you to peek into a closed country intrigued me. I hope you will consider this wonderful woven suspenseful novel that has some harsh truths and lessons. It has a flavor for those that like various genres. It has some military, tales from the sea, every day life in North Korea, and a little love story of sorts. I really can not classify this book as any specific genre but it is certainly imaginative and gives one pause to imagine life in other countries. It is truly a fascinating and remarkable read. Enjoy!

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