Escape Route for Delayed Flight


As a seasoned traveler I, Jan, have experienced many types of travel.  I know when I first started with various forms of travel it was often difficult to find recommendations and suggestions.  So I decided to share some tips of the traveler here on my first blog!  Feel free to post comments and enjoy the travel in the minds eye!

Tip One – Sometimes you have to act fast.  This photo was taken of me on a trip back from Ireland. Our flight arrived  back in to Newark, NJ to find a major snow storm and many flights cancelled. Our flight into Washington Regan Airport was delayed and then cancelled. I had flow through Newark before and remembered the train. Living outside of DC I knew we could get to Union Station in DC and take the Metro Subway back to Washington Regan Airport .  There were about 30 of us in the group. I checked departures for trains on my phone and offered the option but said we have to go right now. Of the thirty only four others agreed to try the rest said they would wait. The five of us arrived back in DC for $67 each about four hours later.  I totally enjoyed the ride on Amtrak  reading my book and relaxing.

Due to the air traffic back ups from the storms some of our friends were in NJ for two nights! That was two nights of hotels, food, cab and other expenses, one friend said it cost her $500, to make the flight when it was finally rescheduled.  Another friend stayed in the airport for twenty-four hours! Meanwhile the five of us were back home! So remember think options and act fast!

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