A Word on Rental Cars

Rental CarsAs an avid traveler I enjoy traveling both home and abroad.  My first trip outside the US was at age six months to Africa. Recently, I totally enjoyed a two week adventure in North and South Dakota.  I have a list of places I want to go and one personal goal has been to see all fifty states.   I only have ten left to complete that goal.

On this particular trip I had planned to fly into South Dakota and out of North Dakota.  I planned to rent a car at the South Dakota Airport and return it to the North Dakota  Airport.  I was easily able to purchase airline tickets in this manner.  What was impossible for a reasonable fee was the rental car.  Neither of the airports in question would allow rental at one airport and return to the other one.  I thought it might be because I was crossing state lines. So, I tried one rental car on one side of the state and another on the other side of the state.  I tried rental car companies both in and out of  several airports.  I called numerous rental car companies in each combination I chose.  I finally found someone that would do it or an additional $1,000.  Needless to say I flew in and out of the same airport.

I did rent a car from and returned it to the Rapid City Airport.  Unfortunately, this changed my route and travel plans based on the inability to be accommodated by the rental car industry.  So word to the wise call all modes of transportation and be sure you can book what you want to do before you start paying for reservations as there are fees to change reservations.  I did have to change airlines, and pay a fee, as I had booked one airline into Rapid City and another out of Bismarck before I discovered the Rental Car issue.

Remember, if there are to be multiple drivers get them all listed with the rental car company so they will be covered.  You will want to be sure your personal automobile insurance covers the rental car before you decide to decline the insurance coverage from the rental car company.  I have rented cars from various rental car companies in many states within the United States with ease.  I have been pleased with the cars and the customer service by the companies I have used.  In this experience I describe it was a lack of knowledge on my part as it never occurred to me that it would not be possible to rent in one airport and return at another airport as I have done it in the past in more metropolitan area of the country.

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