Dakotas – Mt Rushmore

First Glimpse of Mt Rushmore  DSC01763


The Black Hills of South Dakota were beathtakingly beautiful as we meandered around the mountains.  We saw chipmunks, Rocky Mountain Goats and various birds.  Coming around a curve in the road I got the first glimpse of Mount Rushmore.   It is one of those National treasures that I felt I had to see on my trip to the Dakotas.  I had no preconceptions only the occasional photo or post card someone shared with me.  From a distance it was beautiful and easily recognizable.  It was interesting the National Park has no entrance fee but there was an $11 parking fee for cars (more for RVs and buses).

Do not deprive yourself of going into the park itself.   Mount Rushmore is a beautiful symbol for hope, and unity in these United States.  There is an awesome trail around the mountain with plaques detailing the history and the making of Mount Rushmore.  There are places to sit and take it all in as well as on the walking path.

For more information on Mount Rushmore see their website: http://www.nps.gov/moru/index.htm

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