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Documentary Fundraising

Documentary Fundraising for Our National Bird: The Bald Eagle

Guest Blogger: Victor Rook

The first cut of our bald eagle documentary, Who’s Protecting Our National Bird? has been completed. It clocks in at 1 hour 52 minutes. In the following months I hope to bring that down to around 1 hour 45 minutes or less. We are still short $2600 from our final goal of $8000 when GoFundMe, PayPal, checks, and cash donations are combined. This amount will be needed to pay for more music, final travel, entry fees, and other costs incurred in the post-production and distribution of the film.

Watch the Documentary Trailer:

What an incredible journey this has been since this all began back in 2015, before all the construction took away our eagles’ main habitats here in Manassas, Virginia. My hope is that other cities will see this film and, in turn, make better decisions when it comes to protecting our nation’s bird. And that more hunters will choose to hunt with lead-free ammunition. There will have to be some changes. And it all starts with us: We, the People. In the documentary I highlight not only our nest, but also five of several dozen nests around the country where citizens are trying to protect their eagles from developers. Many of them have sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for failing to adhere to their own Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act guidelines.

Please watch the video trailer above, share this page, and if you can, make a contribution in any of the following ways. All who support the film will have their names included in the film credits.


How to Support Our Film:

1. PayPal: You can easily make a PayPal payment from the film’s official website at
2. GoFundMe: A GoFundMe page has helped us raise over $2300 so far. That address is
3. Seed & Spark: Seed & Spark is a crowdfunding site for independent films where you can pledge contributions. The drawback on this form of funding is we will not receive any funds unless $2600 is pledged within 60 days. So even if $2300 is pledged, we will receive nothing. But check it out at
4. Cash or Check Contributions: If you’d like to avoid making online payments, we can receive checks made out to Rook Communications, P.O. Box 571, Manassas, VA 20108. Make sure you put “For Bald Eagle Film” in the memo line.
5. Wealthy Philanthropists: The largest donation we’ve received for the documentary from one person is $1900. That’s almost 1/3 of our total so far. I’ve been told to connect with someone who has money to spend and is pissed off by how our government treats wildlife. I’ve yet to find those people, but if you know of any, please share this page and video trailer with them!

I sincerely thank you for any support you can provide. – Victor Rook, Producer


Victor Rook has authored several books, including People Who Need to Die, In Search of Good Times, Poetry Pizza, and Dollar Store Crafts & Recipes. His nature film, Beyond the Garden Gate, won two Telly awards and aired on PBS.

He also helps other authors with book cover design, interior formatting, editing, and publishing.


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Guest Blogger – Linda S. Johnston

1121MayCottage                                   Back in Broadstairs

The train tried to rock me to sleep but I resisted.  We had started the day in Bunratty, County Clare, Ireland, and were now on our to Broadstairs, England, a place I knew of only from my mother’s stories and a faded, red, fifty-eight-year-old tour book.  Too excited to doze, I watched as the green fields of Kent came into sight.


My husband, Clay, and I had been hiking in Ireland for ten days that fall of 2010 and added this side trip in memory of my mother who had died the year before. In 1952, she had come to England, toddler son in tow, on a military transport plane full of other dependents, to join my father.  He was stationed at an air base near Broadstairs a small town that hugged the chalk cliffs of the southeast coast. I was born near there the following year. Growing up, I remember my mom talking about her experiences, the anecdotes always ending with the fact that on a clear day she could see across the English Channel to France.  That made quite an impression on her. What an adventure it must have been – this place a world away from the Mississippi farm where she grew up.


Once the train pulled into Broadstairs, Clay and I took a cab to the Royal Albion, a hotel that had been advertised on the pages of the old tour book I had looked through so many times growing up.  The quaint building had kept vigil over Viking Bay since 1776 and had housed the likes of Charles Dickens who often stayed there on extended writing trips.  Oscar Wilde checked in occasionally.  The North Foreland lighthouse, easily seen from the hotel, is thought to have been the inspiration for the title of Wilkie Collins’ famous detective novel, “The Woman in White.”


After settling in we made our way down to the beach where bright, jelly bean-colored cabanas had been buttoned up for the season.  Like the waves coming onto the sand, I felt emotion wash over me as I thought about my mom.  I could see why the place had captivated her.  I turned slowly, taking in the scene.  I wanted to absorb everything about the place at that moment—the charming old hotels that sat like sentinels at the top of the cliffs, the blue and white rowboats that rested against the boathouse, and of course, the view across the Channel.


The next morning after a full English breakfast to fuel our exploits, Clay and I headed for number three Shutler Road, my first home.  We left the Royal Albion, and headed down Promenade Street to Church Square.  In the months leading up to this trip, I had looked up the address many times on Google maps, even checking the “street view.”  I think I needed to reassure myself it was a real place.  We walked a few blocks, made a few turns, and then there it was, the street sign set into a low brick wall.  It was as if I were walking into one of the scalloped-edge black and white photos in my mom’s album.  It could not have looked much different than it had so many years earlier, when she would take us out for an afternoon walk, my brother in his little wool cap and short pants and me tucked snugly into my pram.


I walked slowly up the narrow road lined with small red and brown brick attached houses, until I came to number three.  It looked just as lovely as I hoped it would – red door, white lace curtains, red geraniums in the window boxes, and a sign that read “May Cottage.”


I whispered as if my mother were listening, “I’m here Mom, finally back in Broadstairs.”


Linda S. Johnston is the author of “Hope Amid Hardship: Pioneer Voices from Kansas Territory”

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Write By the Rails Endless Possibilities Blog Tour 2014!


Write by the Rails – the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club:

Endless Blog Tour 2014: 16 members of Write By the Rails are participating in the 2014 blog tour which will run for the next 8 weeks!

List of Participants & Their Blogs/Websites:

1. Stacia Kelly-

2. Nick Kelly-

3. Tamela J. Ritter-

4. Katherine Gotthardt-

5. Dan Verner-

6. Cindy Brookshire-

7. Patricia Daly-Lipe-

8. Yours Truly – Jan Rayl-

9. Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie

10. Angela Bryce-

11. Shay Seaborne-

12.  Mary Rosenthol-

13. Nancy S. Kyme-

14. Linda S. Johnston-

15. Tee Morris-

16. Phillippa Ballantine-

Look for exciting posts from each of these visitors on my blog!


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